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For students who want to rent house outside campus, please refer to the procedures as follows


After arriving in China, international students are required to get Temporary Accommodation Registration Form within 24 hours. Otherwise, you can’t live in China according to China law. University will provide the Temporary Accommodation Registration Form to students who live inside campus.

Off-Campus Accommodation Example

Take Chongqing University(CQU) as an example


Students who live off-campus must report their new address to the local police station and obtain valid proof of their housing arrangement or Accommodation Certificate from the local police station within 24 hours.

Lanyuan No.6 International students Dormitory


Mode Room   Type     

Payment for a semester

Payment for a year

Single Room

4500 RMB/ person



Double Room



Xuelin Hotel


Room type

Pay by semester

Pay by year

Single room

5000RMB per person

10000 RMB per person

Double room

2500 RMB per person

5000 RMB per person


6600 RMB per person

13200 RMB per person 

Songlinpo International House


Room Type     

One semester

One year

Single Room              

4500 RMB/semester

8500 RMB/year

Double Room

2500 RMB/semester

4750 RMB/year