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Chongqing, one of the largest education bases in the southwest of China. It’s rich in international education resources, and 20% of its 100 institutions can offer the international studies.  View the list of universities >>


International education level in Chongqing is very complete, which includes doctor, master, undergraduate, junior college and cultural curriculum courses. It formed the mode of developed of engineering leading all other disciplines growing.  View the subjects>>


Also gradually, Chongqing international education are reforming from traditional classroom into Internet+ model. In addition, some of the preparatory courses or culture courses can be also used as online teaching to enhance learning efficiency. And an increasing number of international students are willing to join the class.


The students from more than 100 different countries and regions are gathering in Chongqing. They are studying, living and enjoying here. Also, they bring their own culture here and spreading Chongqing’s culture to everywhere of the world.


Chongqing, as the starting point of One Belt And One Road, is leading the development of internationalized education. Come and join us, be proud of Chongqing.

Welcome to Chongqing!