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When taking an international flight, you should try to limit yourself to the amount of baggage that your airline allows you to take. The following list may help you decide what to include when packing your luggage:


1)     Documents: Originals and copies in duplicate of admission documents along with valid passport and visa

2)    Clothes: Different types of clothes for four seasons, such as T-shirt, coat and down jacket. For more details, please check next chapter LIVING IN CHINA.

3)     International Bank Card: go to your local bank and open an international bank account, but make sure the new bank card can be used in different countries. That is to say, international transactions is permitted.

4)     An Electricity Transformer: In China, electrical system operates on 220V.

5)     Money: before leaving home, we suggest to convert some cash into USD/RMB, but less than 500USD/3000RMB, which is the limit carrying amount when entering China. There are 4 main face values of RMB, 10yuan, 20yuan, 50yuan and 100yuan. 100yuan is the biggest value. According to current rate, 1USD is about 6RMB. Details see the following samples.

Chinese Cash Samples: